Prefer getting your tech through the written word? Consider my books on AWS and Linux server administration:

Linux in Action

Take your Linux administration from zero to highly productive. This book is organized around projects rather than skills. Need to build a virtualized testing environment? A secure web server? A system recovery took kit? Safe document sharing servers? Linux in Action will cover you for all the skills and best-practices, but within the context of serious real-world use-cases.

Work your way through the book from start to finish and you’ll have a solid grasp of the core Linux administration tool set…and even a first taste of the enterprise server world. Linux in Action is also available from Manning.

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

Work through the process of building a robust and secure web application using the core AWS services you really need to know. Migrate and manage full stack IT infrastructure on the world’s leading cloud compute provider. Go from zero to fully functional in just 300 pages.

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Solving for Technology: how to quickly learn valuable new skills in a madly changing technology world

No matter how good you are at what you do today, tomorrow will likely demand a whole new set of skills. Remember Fortran, 32-bit microprocessors, and mainframes? One day, perhaps sooner than we think, JavaScript and Docker might feel just as obscure. How to you plan to keep up?

Well the first step is just that: plan. Start with questions:

Which new technologies will impact your career? Which make the most sense to learn? What tools exist to help you with your learning? What’s the best way to go about it?

Solving for Technology gives you all the background, methodologies, and tools you’ll need to make smart career and educational choices. The tips, tricks, and technology introductions in the book are there to help you manage professional change.

Teach Yourself Linux Virtualization and High Availability: prepare for the LPIC-3 304 certification exam

High availability server virtualization currently powers the vast majority of public-facing compute deployments and Linux lies at the heart of nearly all of them. If you aren’t already engaged in a virtualized project that touches some kind of Linux technology, you probably will be soon. What are you doing to build your skills to meet the future?

The Linux Professional Institute’s LPIC-3 304 certification expectations are an excellent, vendor neutral introduction to Linux server virtualization and cluster management. Even if you don’t have plans to take the exam and earn the certification itself right now, using the 304 as a curriculum guide is a smart move. And, one way or another, this book is a great primary resource.

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Practical LPIC-1 Linux Certification Study Guide

Learn all the basics of Linux administration and prepare for the LPIC-1 certification exams.

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