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David Clinton is an AWS solutions architect and a Linux server administrator. He authors books, articles and courses on server virtualization, administration, and security – and on general technology topics.

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David joined Laurence Bradford for a conversation on sifting through the confusing world of technology choices.

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Keeping Up

Backgrounders to all the big technology trends you can’t afford to ignore

An Excellent Read

This is a book I am already recommending to managers, directors and CIO’s that are friends and colleagues.
I have been a fan of David’s writings and online courses since I first encountered them a few years ago. And thought I have not read everything he has written, what I have has been of benefit. And to be honest this book might have the widest readership yet.
The book is well written and engaging. It is easily accessible. It looks at the technology industry but much that is in this book is of value to even the home user. This volume helps you surf the trends that are emerging and mainstream. And consider the pros and cons of each.

Steven R. McEvoy, Amazon Top 100 reviewer

Timely and Well Articulated

Great read. Fantastic introduction to the technologies and trends that are shaping the present and defining the future. Highly recommend!
Sojourner, Amazon, about Keeping Up: Backgrounders to all the big technology trends you can’t afford to ignore.

Sojourner, Amazon Review

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