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Lab setup data from the Pluralsight course on

Linux Performance Monitoring and Tuning

David Clinton

Here's a relevant "public service announcement" from Brendan Gregg, senior performance architect at Netflix. In this short YouTube video, Brendan shows how CPU utilization percentages can sometimes provide little value for understanding what's really going on your CPU. His blog post explains everything in greater detail.


Assessing Linux CPU and Memory Usage

Controlling Process Access to Resources

Controlling Process Using NICE

you may get strange top results doing this in an LXC container...VirtualBox will probably work better]

Controlling Processes Using CGROUPS

Assessing Storage Availability


Controlling Access to Network Bandwidth

Traffic Control (tc)

Installing and Configuring a Standalone Collectd Server

Setting Up Client Monitoring with Collectd

You should launch one or two clients. Consider setting descriptive hostnames hostname collectd-client1

Installing Nagios on Ubuntu

Installing Nagios Plugins

Nagios Notification Configuration