Time for Another Look at Your Privacy Choices?

Some months back, I created this: “Is Good Internet Connectivity Always a Good Thing?” video on YouTube Today, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes published an article he called “Yes, I trust Amazon to share my internet connection with my neighbors” and it provides a bit of a counterpoint. Kingsley-Hughs makes some good points. He notes that Amazon is probably as good as anyone when it comes to nailing secure connectivity and might even lead to improved home networks. He also observes:

“If you’re concerned about Amazon’s privacy and security credentials, then I’d question why you have Amazon hardware connected to your network in the first place. I mean, these devices have deep hooks into your life, home, and surroundings, and this hardware is bristling with microphones and cameras that are always ready to start listening and watching.”

All of which is correct. But it assumes you should be comfortable with those deep hooks latching on to and recording all your digital activities. I’m not. I had an Amazon Echo device in my home for a month or two but, after thinking about how much of our lives it was absorbing, I unplugged it. It’s been sitting in a drawer ever since.

I have no right to tell you how you should organize your own digital lives, but it is probably healthy to at least reassess your decisions every few months.

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